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About Evomina

The combination of fragrances from all over the world makes Evomina a truly unique place. There is a wide variety of scents to explore in our product range, from soft and seductive notes to robust and powerful aromas. We are all about the magic of scents.

Our journey began at the Christmas market in Mondsee and then took us to a second stand in Vienna. As we continue to expand our business, we are proud to stay true to our original promise of making products derived from natural plants, minerals and oils.

We are convinced: What is good for you must also be good for the earth

Welcome to Evomina, where the magic of fragrances seduces the senses and nature lives at the heart of our products."

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Our Mission

We want to bring the power of nature and the wonderful aromas back into everyone's everyday life. Scents have the unique ability to awaken our senses and trigger emotions in us. At the same time, our nature is inexhaustible in its diversity and offers numerous treasures that we want to use. Our goal is to tap into the healing powers of nature and support you in your daily life with them.

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